Oxford/UHC business in NY, NJ and CT and Premium Reductions. 

 As you may have heard, UnitedHealth Group recently announced Over $1.5 Billion in Assistance and Premium Support to Customers.  Link to the press release.

These measures build upon their company’s ongoing efforts to address COVID-19 challenges by expanding coverage, supporting the health care system, protecting the health care work force and assisting those most affected by the pandemic.

For UnitedHealthcare commercial business, premium relief is available for fully insured small and large employer groups.  Self-funded (ASO) plans are not included.  We have recently received the following guidance on how this will apply to NY, NJ, and CT-sitused fully insured clients

  • The premium credit will equate to roughly 15% for NY and NJ Clients and 10% for CT of your May 2020 fully insured medical invoice and will be reflected on your July 2020 invoice (typically issued mid-June).
  • Customers with fully insured dental coverage will receive a premium credit of roughly 50% of your May 2020 dental invoice, and the timing of the credit will align with medical. 


Note that you do not need to take any action to receive the credit, as it will be automatically applied to your July invoice.  The credit will be presented as a single line item with a note indicating what it is for.  In some instances, where the billing system is unable to include a line item note, the credit will be included in the balance due and communicated via email or other means.  If you have questions please contact your billing analyst, dedicated client service manager or account management team. 

Lastly, please be aware of some upcoming COVID-19 response calls with representatives from our national leadership team:

  • Fully insured customers:  Thursday, June 11, from 2 to 3 p.m. CT – Event Link


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